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Bespoke Bathroom Design By Maison Lalubi



Welcome to Maison Lalubi, where your daily rituals meet exquisite design.

Our bathroom design services are crafted to transform these intimate spaces into luxurious retreats, blending functionality with aesthetic finesse for an unparalleled bathing experience.


The Maison Lalubi Bathroom Experience

At Maison Lalubi, we believe that bathrooms are more than mere functional spaces—they are sanctuaries for relaxation and rejuvenation. Our bathroom design services are designed to elevate these essential areas, ensuring they are not only visually stunning but also tailored to enhance your daily routine.



Key Features of Maison Lalubi Bathroom Design



Personalised Consultation 

Your journey begins with a personalised consultation where we understand your preferences, desires, and the unique atmosphere you want to create in your bathroom.


Spa-like Atmosphere 

Maison Lalubi excels in designing bathrooms that evoke a spa-like ambiance. Our designs prioritize tranquility and indulgence, creating an oasis within your home.


Premium Fixtures and Finishes

We source the finest fixtures and finishes to bring sophistication to your bathroom. From luxurious tiles to elegant faucets, Maison Lalubi ensures every detail exudes quality.


Optimised Layouts

Our designers meticulously plan layouts to optimise space and functionality. Whether you have a compact en suite or a spacious master bathroom, Maison Lalubi maximises the potential of every square inch.





Our Bathroom Design Process




Maison Lalubi collaborates with you to conceptualise the perfect bathroom design, incorporating your style preferences, desired atmosphere, and functional requirements.


Material Selection

Our expert team selects premium materials that not only enhance the visual appeal of your bathroom but also withstand the riguors of daily use.


Spatial planning

Maison Lalubi prioritises spatial planning to ensure an efficient and enjoyable flow within your bathroom, emphasizing both aesthetics and functionality.



Our skilled team oversees the seamless execution of the design, ensuring that every element comes together to create a bathroom that exceeds your expectations.


Transform your bathroom into a haven of opulence and serenity. Explore our portfolio, envision the possibilities, and let Maison Lalubi redefine your bathing experience.


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Contact us today to embark on your personalised bathroom design journey. 

Welcome to Maison Lalubi, where every bathroom is a sanctuary waiting to be unveiled.